Chapter 3: Sorting and Organizing Files

In This Chapter

check.png Sorting files

check.png Searching for photos

check.png Managing files with keyword tags

check.png Creating albums

check.png Taking advantage of smart albums

In Book II, Chapter 2, we talk about creating catalogs and adding photos to the Organizer, and we show you several viewing options for examining photos in the Media Browser. When you have a catalog with many photos, you’ll want to organize the photos so you can easily locate the pictures you want to share or use when making creations.

Fortunately, Photoshop Elements has a vast number of ways you can organize photos, such as creating and assigning keyword tags, creating albums, adding captions, giving photos star ratings, and more. Using many of the Organizer features for organizing your pictures helps you sort through large catalogs to find images you want to use in editing sessions.

In this chapter, we extend our discussion from Chapter 2 of this minibook on using the Organizer and talk about working with tools ...

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