Chapter 3: Working with Camera Raw

In This Chapter

check.png Getting familiar with Camera Raw

check.png Understanding the Camera Raw settings

check.png Using the raw converter to make tweaks

check.png Saving files

When you work with digital photos in Elements, the file format of your images is an important point to consider. You choose this format before you take pictures, and the format carries over to your computer when you pull images off your camera.

The most common file formats that digital cameras offer are JPEG, TIFF, and Camera Raw, although some cameras offer other options. Low-cost, point-and-shoot cameras offer you only the JPEG format. The more expensive cameras, including the digital SLR types, offer you both JPEG and Camera Raw; some cameras offer JPEG and/or TIFF, and Camera Raw.

This chapter aims to give you an understanding of how to work with Camera Raw files.


Understanding Camera Raw

Cameras that produce JPEG images process images with JPEG compression before saving them. It’s as though your camera ...

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