Chapter 4: Using and Managing Color

In This Chapter

check.png Using foreground and background colors

check.png Selecting color from pickers, swatches, and images

check.png Working with Adobe Kuler

check.png Managing color

check.png Setting up the work environment

check.png Using color profiles

To produce great output, you have to understand color and how Elements treats color. If you want to carry around a laptop computer to show off your photos, you can basically adjust color for that particular computer. However, sharing photos with other users, printing your pictures, and hosting photos on websites require that you know something about the way color is displayed on other devices and in photo prints.

There’s a lot to know about handling color, including setting up color workspaces, managing color, and working with color profiles. In this chapter, we talk about these issues and offer some key concepts for understanding and using color as it ...

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