Chapter 5: Time Travel — Undoing in Elements

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding undoing in Elements

check.png Returning to unedited files

check.png Using the Undo History panel

Back in 1984, Apple Computer brought windowing interfaces to the masses with the introduction of the Macintosh computer. Also tucked into that interface was the Undo command. Both innovations revolutionized the way people use personal computers. Together with the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands, these features became a standard in all programs that followed. Being able to undo your most recent edit in a program like Elements gives you the freedom to experiment, as well as the chance to correct mistakes immediately. Adobe broadened that initial Undo feature in Photoshop Elements so that you can retrace an entire series of editing steps with multiple undo actions, see a visual list of edits in the Undo History panel, and work with different editing states.

In this chapter, we explore the many options you have for branching out, experimenting a little, and retracing your editing steps (or overcoming a series of editing mistakes) without having to save multiple versions of your photos.

Undoing What’s Done with the Undo Command

As you ...

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