Chapter 1: Making Selections

In This Chapter

check.png Creating selections with the Marquee tools

check.png Roping your selections with the Lasso tools

check.png Selecting pixels with the Magic Wand tool

check.png Choosing with the Selection Brush

check.png Using the Quick Selection tool to save time

check.png Cropping and transforming with the Recompose tool

Sometimes you get lucky, and what you capture in the camera’s viewfinder is exactly what you want to edit, print, or share online. But at other times, you may want to work with only a portion of that image. Maybe you just need to adjust the contrast in a certain area, or you want to combine part of one image with another. In these instances, you have to make a selection before you can go on to do the real editing work.

Being able to make accurate selections is a valuable skill. Fortunately, Elements offers an assortment of tools for making selections. In this chapter, we give you the foundation ...

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