Chapter 2: Filling and Stroking

In This Chapter

check.png Adding color to a selection

check.png Filling with the Paint Bucket tool

check.png Adding a stroke around a selection

check.png Working with gradients

check.png Creating and applying patterns

Elements offers several ways to create elements (say, geometric shapes) out of pixels. Filling and stroking such elements are two of the most popular commands at your disposal. The Fill command adds a color or a pattern to the entire selection, whereas the Stroke command applies the color to only the selection border.

This chapter shows you how to fill and stroke your selections. If filling and stroking with solid color is just too mundane for you, we also show you how to create and apply multicolored gradient blends as well as the best ways to make and use patterns. After reading this chapter, you’ll have your “fill” of different fills and strokes.

remember.eps Open the Photo Editor in Expert mode ...

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