Chapter 3: Working with Type

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding type basics

check.png Getting to know the Type tools and modes

check.png Entering and editing text

check.png Simplifying a type layer

check.png Exploring masking, shaping, and warping effects

Yes, images are powerful. But so are words. In fact, humans tend to remember images better when they’re combined with words. This is why we don’t recall our dreams well — no words are paired with the images. Enough psychobabble. You may never need to pick up a Type tool. But, just in case you need to add a caption, headline, or short paragraph, we want you to be comfortable using the Type tools.

Elements allows you to create, edit, stylize, and even distort type. Keep in mind that this capability is no substitute for a hard-core page layout or word-processing program. But for small chunks of text here and there, it’s surprisingly effective. This chapter is all about adding great-looking snippets of text to great-looking images — an unbeatable combo.

Understanding Type Modes ...

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