Chapter 3

Organizing Images with Tags, Albums, and More

In This Chapter

arrow Tagging images with keywords

arrow Putting photos on a map

arrow Rating images with stars

arrow Organizing images into albums

When you have a catalog with many photos, you’ll want to organize the photos so that you can easily locate the pictures you want to share or use when making creations. Fortunately, Photoshop Elements offers a number of tools to help you organize and find images you want to use in editing sessions.

In this chapter, we extend our discussion from Chapter 2 of this minibook, where you find out how the view, search, and sort tools tell the Media Browser to display only files that meet certain criteria. These tools help you narrow down images so that you can easily apply tags, rate images with stars, and create albums, which are the tasks you find out how to do in this chapter.

As a bonus, after you develop a system for tagging your photos or rating them with stars, the viewing and searching features become even more robust. For example, after you add the tags and star ratings, you can then search for images ...

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