Chapter 14

Working with Type


Bullet Understanding type basics

Bullet Creating point, paragraph, and path type

Bullet Setting type options

Bullet Editing and simplifying (rasterizing) type

Bullet Masking with type

Bullet Stylizing and warping type

Although we spout on in this book about how a picture says a thousand words, we’d be terribly negligent if we didn’t at least give a nod to the power of the written word as well. You may find that you never need to go near the type tools. That’s fine. We won’t be offended if you skip right past this chapter.

Then again, you may have an occasional need to add a caption, a headline, or maybe even a short paragraph to an image. Although it’s by no means a word-processing or even page-layout program, Elements does give you ample tools for creating, editing, stylizing, and even distorting type.

Understanding Type Basics

Elements has seven type tools. Two of them are ...

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