Figure 4.59 The Border command lets you control the
width of a selection border. Normally, the border width
is set to 1 pixel.
Border: 10 pixels Border: 40 pixels
Figure 4.58 Choose Select > Modify to use the Border,
Smooth, Expand, and Contract tools.
Selection Borders
You can make subtle—or significant—changes
to a selection border with four options found
on the Select > Modify menu (Figure 4.58).
The Border command lets you change the
width of the selection border. The Smooth
command smoothes out a jagged or irregular
selection edge. To make a slight increase in
the size of a selection, use the Expand com-
mand. To reduce the selection area, use the
Contract command.
To change the width of the border:
Make a selection in your image with any
of the selection tools.
From the File menu, choose Select >
Modify > Border.
Enter a value for the border width.
The selection border changes based on
the number you enter (Figure 4.59).
Making Selections
Modifying Selection Borders
To smooth the edge of the border:
From the File menu, choose Select >
Modify > Smooth.
Enter a value for the radius of the border.
The radius value can range from 1 to 100
and defines how far away from the current
edge the new outline can move to create a
smooth edge. Lower numbers, from 2 to 5
or so, typically give good results.
To expand or contract the
selection area:
From the File menu, choose Select >
Modify; then choose Expand or Contract.
Enter a value for the number of pixels by
which you want to change the area.
The selection border will expand or con-
tract based on the pixel value you enter
(Figure 4.60).
Figure 4.60 You can expand or contract the size of a
selection border from the Modify menu.
Expand: 10 pixels Contract: 10 pixels
Chapter 4
Modifying Selection Borders

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