Chapter 16. Web Photo Galleries and Slideshows

Last chapter, you learned how to email your photos. But what if you've got legions of friends? Do you have to email your pictures to everyone? Not with Elements, which also lets you create Web Photo Galleries, collections of ready-made Web pages featuring all the photos you want to show off. Elements can also help you put together digital slideshows, complete with fancy between-photo transitions and even audio.

Other programs offer more sophisticated options for both galleries and slideshows, but Elements gives you some basic tools that are simple to use.


For all the projects in this chapter, you need to finish any editing, cropping, or enhancing of your photos before you begin. Once your pictures are in the gallery or slideshow, you can't edit them there.

Web Photo Galleries

A Web Photo Gallery is a great way to share a group of photos with your friends. When you create a Web Gallery, Elements whips up a collection of Web pages, which you can then post on a Web site, if you have one. You give the URL (the Web site address) to your friends and they use a browser to visit your site and see your photos.

Maybe you want to show everyone the pictures of your son's graduation or your daughter's motocross championship. By setting up a Web Photo Gallery, you can let everyone see your photos, attractively arranged, while saving them the trouble of downloading every single photo or waiting for you to remember to get some extra prints made. ...

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