Chapter 30. Getting It on the Web

In This Chapter

  • Understanding Web optimization

  • Understanding Web-safe colors

  • Optimizing type for screen viewing

  • Optimizing images for Web hosting

  • Creating Web galleries

When we talk about optimizing images for Web viewing, we're also talking about viewing files on computer monitors, TVs, iPods, and other screen devices. After all, viewing Web pages at this time in technology history requires viewing Web pages on a screen of some kind. This chapter presents concepts related to preparing and viewing files on the Web, as well as sharing files for viewing on screen devices.

There are a few variances between Web-viewing photos and screen-viewing photos. It is important to use a color palette that can display the same colors on Web-page images whatever the viewer's computer operating system.

In this chapter, we talk about preparing images for Web-hosting and screen viewing, working with color palettes optimized for Web-hosted images, preparing type for Web and screen viewing, and creating Web galleries to upload your files to a Web service.

Getting It on the Web

Understanding Basic Web Optimization

If you've read through chapters in any of the previous Books, you are aware of some of the differences between files you prepare for print and those that are used for Web pages.

To optimize images for Web viewing, you want to reduce the file size for every image uploaded to a URL. If you download ...

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