Chapter 4. Getting Your Images

You have many different ways to import a picture into Elements, where you can play with it, experiment on it, and edit it. If you have a digital camera, you're in the right place; we walk you through all kinds of different options for getting the shots you took with your camera into Elements.

In This Chapter

If you have a digital scanner, you're in the right place, too! We talk about scanning photos, as well. If you have CDs, sources of files on the Internet, some massive collection of images written to a DVD, or even a picture or two that you took with your cellphone, you're still in the right place!

In Chapter 1, we flirt with opening files. If you followed the steps in those chapters for opening images, you should have a feel for using the Open tool and Open command. But there's more to acquiring images than just using the Open command, as you can find out in this chapter.

This chapter covers all you need to know about getting images into Elements from all kinds of sources and explains how to move around the workspaces to get your files into Elements.

Grabbing Images from Your Camera

Copying photos ...

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