Chapter 5. Viewing and Finding Your Images

The Organizer is a powerful tool that helps you locate files and keeps your photos arranged and organized. You can easily access the Organizer in Windows by clicking the Organizer button on the menu bar while you're in one of the editing modes. Or when you open the Welcome screen, click the Organize button.

In This Chapter

If you're a Macintosh user, you don't have the Organizer available in Elements. The Macintosh alternative to the Organizer is Adobe Bridge — a powerful photo organizer that permits you to view photos in folders at a glance.

In this chapter, you can discover how to view and organize your pictures in the Organizer, Adobe Bridge, and the image window, and how the many options help speed up your work in Photoshop Elements.

The Many Faces of the Organizer (Windows)

The default Organizer view is like a slide sorter, and this view is one you're likely to use in all your Elements work sessions. The Organizer provides an efficient means to access the photos you want to open in one of the editors. Just double-click a photo in the Organizer, and you see the image zoom in size to fill an Organizer window. You can carefully examine the photo to be certain that it's the one you want and then just select which editor you ...

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