Chapter 16. Making Creations and Sharing

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers you a number of creations that can be shared onscreen or in print. From both the Create and Share panels in the Panels Bin in the Organizer and both editing modes, you have a number of menu choices for making creations designed for sharing.

In Chapter 15, we look at creating files for screen and Web viewing. In this chapter, we talk about creations designed for print and sharing. It's all here in Elements, but shhhhh. Don't tell the Photoshop people because Photoshop doesn't have all these wonderful creation features.

In This Chapter

Grasping Creation-Assembly Basics

In Chapter 15, we talk about slide shows, videodiscs, online galleries, and video flipbooks. These creations offer different output options, such as e-mailing, burning files to disc, and creating HTML documents — as well as printing and PDF creation.

You work with the remaining creations — Photo Books, Photo Collages, Photo Calendars, Greeting Cards, various sorts of online sharing, and PhotoStamps — by choosing options from the Create and Share panels on Windows. On the Macintosh side you have in addition to Web Photo Galleries, E-mail Attachments in the Share panel. Unfortunately, ...

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