Chapter 3. Working in Adobe Bridge

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the Bridge workspace

  • Sorting images

  • Managing photos

  • Working with stacks

  • Creating slide shows

  • Outputting files

The Mac version of Elements doesn't include Organizer. On the Mac, you use Adobe Bridge to sort, organize, and manage your photos. Adobe Bridge doesn't have all the options you find with Organizer, but Bridge does offer some things you won't find in the Windows version of Organizer.

This chapter is all about the Mac and using Adobe Bridge. We offer some handy things you can do with Adobe Bridge and explain how Bridge handles some similar tasks as Organizer on Windows. An entire book could be written on Adobe Bridge; we can't hope to cover everything you have available in the program, but we can offer pointers for getting around the Bridge window — and demonstrate some standard features of the Elements Organizer running under Windows.

If you're a Windows user, feel free to skip this chapter. If you use Photoshop Elements on a Mac, read on and discover some great options you have with Adobe Bridge.

Working in Adobe Bridge

Looking at the Adobe Bridge Workspace

When you install Elements on the Mac, Adobe Bridge is installed automatically as a separate executable program. You can launch Bridge from within Edit Full mode while Elements is open, or you can launch Adobe Bridge by double-clicking the program icon or program alias that is automatically ...

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