Appendix A. Elements, Menu by Menu

Elements has some pretty complicated menus. All three editing modes—Full Edit, Quick Fix, and Guided Edit—have the same menus, although some choices are grayed out when you’re in Quick Fix or Guided Edit. When you need a menu item that’s not available in Quick Fix or Guided Edit, just switch back to Full Edit to use it.

Several of the menus in Elements are dynamic: They change quite a bit to reflect the choices currently applicable to your image. That means the choices you see in this appendix represent only what you may see depending on the situation. The Layer menu, for instance, offers very different options depending on the current state of your image and which layer is active.


The leftmost item in your menu bar, the menu, is system-wide and not part of Elements.

Photoshop Elements Menu

These menu choices provide info about Elements, let you adjust some of its settings, and control the program’s visibility.

About Photoshop Elements

Choose this to see a window about the version of Elements you have. It includes a long list of patents and credits—a testimony to the complexity of the engineering that went into Elements.

About Plug-in

Select this option for a long pop-out menu displaying all the plug-ins (Free Stuff from the Internet) in your copy of Elements. Choose a plug-in from the list to see its version and date info.

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