Chapter 9. Retouching: Fine-Tuning Your Images

Basic edits like exposure fixes and sharpening are fine if all you want to make are simple adjustments. But Elements also gives you tools to make sophisticated changes that aren’t hard to apply, and that can make the difference between a ho-hum photo and a fabulous one. This chapter introduces you to some advanced editing maneuvers that can help you either rescue damaged photos or give good ones a little extra zing.

The first part of the chapter shows how to get rid of blemishes—not only those that affect skin, but also dust, scratches, stains, and other photographic imperfections. You’ll also learn some powerful color-improving techniques, including using the Color Curves tool, which is a great way to improve your image’s contrast and color.

Then you’ll learn to use the exciting new Recompose tool, which lets you change the size and shape of your photo, eliminate empty areas between subjects in an image, and even get rid of unwanted elements in your pictures, all without distorting the parts you want to keep. This amazing feature works so well that nobody seeing the results would ever suspect the photo wasn’t originally shot that way.

Fixing Blemishes

It’s an imperfect world, but in your photos, it doesn’t have to be. Elements gives you powerful tools for fixing your subject’s flaws: You can erase crow’s feet and blemishes, eliminate power lines in an otherwise perfect view, or even hide objects you wish weren’t in your photo. Not only ...

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