Photoshop for Lightroom Users, Second Edition

Book description

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is truly an awesome program, and the primary editing tool for so many photographers today. But, at some point, you realize that there are things you need to do to your images that Lightroom just can't do. It could be anything from pro-level portrait retouching, to blending two or more images together, to incredible special effects, to removing distracting things in your image, to adding beautiful type to your images, and, well…there are just lots of incredible things you could do…if you just knew Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop is…well…it's Photoshop—this huge, amazing, Swiss Army knife of a program with 70+ tools, and more than a hundred filters. So, compared to Lightroom it seems really complicated, and it could be, but you've got a secret weapon: Scott Kelby. He's the same guy who wrote the world's #1 best-selling book on Lightroom, he's Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User magazine and Lightroom Magazine, and he's here to teach you just the most important, most useful parts of Photoshop—just the stuff that Lightroom can't already do. Once you learn these techniques (all covered in this short, quick, easy-to-use, plain-English guide), it opens a whole new world of productivity and creativity.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • Scott tells you flat-out which tools to use, which techniques work best, which ones to avoid, and why. You only really need about 20% of what Photoshop can do, and that 20% is all covered right in this book.

  • The most important layer techniques, and learning layers is like being handed the keys to the candy store—this is where the fun begins, and you'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do, so quickly and easily.
  • Scott's favorite (and most useful) portrait retouching techniques; his favorite special effects for landscape, travel, and people photos; plus which filters are awesome (and which ones waste your time).

  • Also, you'll learn how to mask hair and create super-realistic composites (you'll be amazed when you learn how easy this is), plus how to take advantage of all the latest Photoshop technology, how to leverage the latest features (so you're doing things the easy way), and a bunch of today's most popular techniques (the same commercial looks you're seeing in hot demand), so you'll be using Photoshop like a shark in no time.


If you've been saying to yourself, “Ya know, I really should learn Photoshop,” you're holding the absolute best book to get you there, coming from the guy who literally wrote the book on Lightroom. He knows how to help you make the most of using these two powerful tools together to take your images (and your fun) to the next level. You are going to love being a Photoshop shark!

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Other Books by Scott Kelby
  7. About the Author
  8. Table of Contents
  9. Six Things You’ll Wish you Had Known Before Reading this Book
  10. Chapter 1 Essential Techniques: The Basic Stuff Ya Gotta Know First
    1. Photoshop is About Five Main Things
    2. How Layers Work
    3. How to Resize Stuff on a Layer
    4. Blank Layers and Using Opacity
    5. Using Photoshop’s Toolbar
    6. Navigating Photoshop’s Interface
    7. Rotating, Flipping & Other Important Stuff
    8. Basic Selections (How to Work on Just Part of Your Image)
    9. Camera Raw: It’s Like Lightroom on a Layer
    10. Intro to Layer Blend Modes
    11. Layers Cheat Sheet
  11. Chapter 2 Jump: Jumping from Lightroom to Photoshop (and Back)
    1. Going from Lightroom to Photoshop (and Back)
    2. Choosing How Your Files Are Sent to Photoshop
  12. Chapter 3 Get Smart: Smart Objects and HDR
    1. Keeping Your Raw Image Editable Using Smart Objects
    2. Creating Tone-Mapped-Looking HDR
    3. Technique for “Sharper Than Lightroom” HDR Images
  13. Chapter 4 Re-Touch: Retouching Portraits
    1. Retouching Facial Features the Easy Way
    2. Making Facial Features Symmetrical
    3. Trimming Eyebrows
    4. Removing Eye Veins
    5. Removing Blemishes
    6. The Secret to Great-Looking Skin
    7. Liquify’s Other Killer Tool for Retouching Body Parts
    8. Creating Beautiful Teeth
    9. Reducing Jaws and Jowls
    10. Repositioning Body Parts Using Puppet Warp
    11. Covering Studio Mistakes
  14. Chapter 5 Composite: Compositing & Blending Multiple Images
    1. Key Technique: Masking Hair
    2. Blending Two or More Images
    3. Adding Texture to Your Background
    4. One Person, Multiple Times Composite
  15. Chapter 6 Side Effects: Photographic Special Effects
    1. Swapping Out for a Better Sky
    2. Creating Fall Color (Lab Mode)
    3. Adding Light Beams
    4. Turning a Photo into an Oil Painting in One Click
    5. F/1.2 Bokeh Background Effect
    6. Creating Mirror-Like Reflections
    7. Adding Lens Flare
    8. Fine Art Collages Using the Blend If Sliders
    9. Long-Exposure Architectural Look
  16. Chapter 7 Sharpen: Sharpening Techniques
    1. The Unsharp Mask Filter (The Sharpening Workhorse)
    2. Smarter Sharpening (with Smart Sharpen)
    3. High Pass Sharpening
    4. Fixing Photos Blurry from Camera Shake
    5. Sharpen Tool for Creative Sharpening
  17. Chapter 8 Don’t Move: How to Remove Distracting Stuff
    1. Have Photoshop Remove Tourists for You
    2. Cloning Over Distracting Stuff
    3. Removing Larger Objects with the Patch Tool
    4. Another Way to Remove Large Distracting Things
    5. Removing Stuff Using Content-Aware Fill
    6. Advanced Content-Aware Fill
  18. Chapter 9 Problemski: Dealing with Common Image Problems
    1. Scale Parts of Your Image Without Destroying It
    2. Getting Rid of “Halos” Along Edges
    3. Fixing Reflections in Glasses
    4. Fixing Group Shots
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Photoshop for Lightroom Users, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780134657899