Chapter 11. Producing a Slideshow

In This Chapter

  • Getting to know the interface

  • Developing a slideshow workflow

  • Using templates

  • Creating custom slideshows

  • Showing your work

The Slideshow module offers a flexible interface for creating simple, yet professional, presentations of your photos. Slideshows aren't only useful for sharing your images with clients, peers, family, and friends, but they can also be a practical tool for reviewing your own work. You have relatively few settings to configure, and the changes update in the main workspace area while you work, so you'll be displaying your images in no time at all!

Producing a Slideshow

You can create a slideshow from any grouping of images you can dream of pulling together. Whether it's a folder, a collection, or an on-the-fly assemblage of images based on dates, keywords, and/or metadata, if you can group them, you can show them. You don't need to be in the Slideshow module to play a slideshow either. Press Ctrl+Enter (

Producing a Slideshow

Exploring the Slideshow Module

An important point that bears repeating: The consistency of Lightroom's interface across modules is a key strength as a workflow tool. That's true as far as it goes — otherwise, I wouldn't say it — but be aware that each module performs a unique set of tasks, which means that each module requires a specialized set of ...

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