1:1 option, using with imported images, 7

500 Pixel Publishing Service, 169


Adjustment Brush

Auto Mask for edges, 8283

described, 80

dodging and burning with, 98

identifying painted areas, 8182

seeing masks, 8182

using, 8183

adjustment masks, accuracy of, 82

adjustment presets, using, 84

adjustment slider, resetting, 84

adjustments, using multiple, 80

Apply During Import module, 9

aspect ratio, changing, 7576

Attributes Filter bar, 2830

Auto Import, using with folders, 18

Auto Mask, using with edges, 8283

auto-lens correction, enabling, 57


B&W panel, using, 93

background color, adding in Book module, 125126

backgrounds, adding in Book module, 125

backscreening in Book module, 125

Basic panel in Develop module

Blacks slider, ...

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