Chapter 2

Checking Out Common Components and Systems


Bullet Identifying the major parts of a PV system

Bullet Distinguishing between battery-based and battery-less systems

Bullet Helping your customers select the correct system for their needs

This chapter may seem trivial and worth skipping when all you want to do is dive into a new-to-you technology and design systems that’ll be the envy of your peers (not to mention major moneymakers). My advice to you? Remember that it’s all about the details. Before you can design and install that envy-inducing, moneymaking PV system, you need to have a grasp on exactly what goes into a PV system. Each component has a unique and important role in the whole system. You, the designer and installer, have to understand these components and their purpose, as well as how they fit together as a whole, in order to help your customers select the best system for their needs. This chapter gives you the knowledge base you need to start working with and recommending PV systems.

Introducing the Components That Make Up PV Systems

Even though you and I probably drive a different kind of vehicle, the major components inside each one are identical. Both vehicles ...

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