Chapter 5

Properly Selecting a Site for a PV System


Bullet Preparing yourself to conduct a site survey

Bullet Identifying the basic pieces of information you need to gather about a site

Bullet Recording data about magnetic declination, tilt angle, azimuth, and shading

Bullet Evaluating the information obtained during your site survey

One of, if not the, most exciting portions of the overall system installation process is the site survey. Why? Because you get to work with a blank slate (after all, the client shouldn’t have another PV system anywhere on his building or property) and create a PV system from the ground (or roof) up. As the person who performs the site survey, you need to be able to identify any potential trouble spots and the best ways to address the issues they pose from the beginning of the project.

The site survey is generally your one chance to obtain all the required information about the site to create a proposal that works for both you and the client. It’s also the only time you can really work with your client to establish his goals and expectations for his PV system before ...

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