Chapter 15

Staying Safe Anytime You Work on a PV System


Bullet Staying safe on the job site

Bullet Boosting yourself with ladders (the right way, that is)

Bullet Bringing up rooftop safety concerns

Bullet Keeping electricity in its place

Bullet Being aware of battery safety

When you’re installing, maintaining, or fixing a PV system, you need to have your wits about you at all times. If you aren’t constantly aware of your surroundings and all the hazards you’re exposed to, you can get seriously hurt, very quickly. Yes, safety on a job site is all about common sense. But if I’ve learned anything from reading the newspaper each morning, it’s that the old saying is true: Common sense isn’t all that common. That’s why I devote this chapter to showing you PV-specific safety issues, including those that involve general job site safety, ladders, roofs, electricity, and batteries.

On-site safety is also important because you typically don’t install a PV system all by yourself. Usually you install a system with ...

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