Appendix III: 21 ft. by 18 ft. Roof

AIII.1 Introduction

This appendix covers the specification of a roof big enough to accommodate a 1.85 kW DC PV system (10 each Mitsubishi 185 W DC modules). Later, the PC module was changed to a Renogy 240 W DC module, resulting in a 2.5 kW PV system.

The roof is outfitted with casters so that it can be brought through a high-bay, roll-up door. The modules were oriented in portrait format and the array was composed of two rows of five modules each. On the roof, there was essentially no room to maneuver around this array, as we were not able to provide a full 3 ft. access on both sides and at the top of the array. There is a Google SketchUp model for this roof included on a CD.

AIII.2 Overall Description ...

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