Chapter 9

Off-Grid PV System with DC-Only Loads

9.1 Introduction

This laboratory deals with designing and installing an off-grid system with DC-only loads. This represents the simplest practical photovoltaic system, except for direct powering applications (e.g., water pumping). DC loads can include lighting, refrigerator/freezer, instruments, communications equipment, and personal electronics.

The system we will work with in this laboratory is based on two 100 Wp PV modules, a 30 A charge controller, and a single 12 V, 250 Ah AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery. The loads could include a 12/24 VDC powered refrigerator, 12 V LED track lights, and a mix of 5 V USB-powered portable electronic equipment. The PV modules will be mounted on a top-of-pole ...

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