Chapter 10

Off-Grid PV System with DC and AC Loads

10.1 Introduction

This laboratory builds on Chapter 9, which dealt with an off-grid system with DC-only loads. This laboratory can be skipped without affecting the rest of the laboratory sequence. In this laboratory we upgrade certain subsystems as well as add others:

  • Adding a 1000 W 120 VAC inverter for AC loads
  • Upgrading from 200 Wp to 400 Wp PV subsystem
  • Upgrading from a single 12 V/258 Ah battery to two such batteries
  • 2000 W 120 V AC gas-powered generator

These additional equipment additions and upgrades in turn allow the following performance improvements:

  • Up to 1 kW of 120 VAC equipment loads
  • Twice the stored battery energy
  • Twice the photovoltaic power (and energy) production
  • Ability ...

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