12.6. Building Packages

In this section, you explore the PEAR package system from the inside, learning how to build your own packages and how to make the most out of the installer. Following is an example package containing a PHP class, a command-line script, a regression test, and a package description file.

12.6.1. PEAR Example: HelloWorld

This is the minimal example, a single PHP source file implementing a class called HelloWorld:


 * Hello World class.  The ubiquitous example.
 * @package HelloWorld
class HelloWorld
    function HelloWorld($html = true)
        if ($html) {
            print "Hello, World!<br />\n";
        } else {
            print "Hello, World! \n";


Here is a command-line script called “hello” for demonstration:

 #!/bin/sh exec ...

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