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PHP and MySQL®: Create-Modify-Reuse

Book Description

Learn everything about the dynamic power of PHP and MySQL in real-world applications with the practical information and step-by-step instructions in PHP and MySQL: Create - Modify - Reuse. The authors, experts in tune with common web development tasks, will guide you through several projects that are complete, tested, and ready to be implemented, so that you can understand by doing. Understand all aspects of design, such as portability, design flow, and integration, and become proficient at solving problems that developers face in everyday circumstances.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. About the Contributor
  4. Credits
  5. Introduction
  6. User Registration
    1. Plan the Directory Layout
    2. Planning the Database
    3. Writing Shared Code
    4. User Class
    5. CAPTCHA
    6. Templates
    7. Registering a New User
    8. E-mailing a Validation Link
    9. Logging In and Out
    10. Changing Information
    11. Forgotten Passwords
    12. Summary
  7. Community Forum
    1. Design of the Forum
    2. Designing the Database
    3. Working with Permissions and Bitwise Operators
    4. Updating the User Class
    5. Code and Code Explanation
    6. Adding Forums
    7. Adding Posts
    8. Displaying Forums and Posts
    9. Avatars
    10. BBCode
    11. Summary
  8. Mailing List
    1. Design of the Mailing List
    2. Choosing POP3
    3. Designing the Database
    4. Code and Code Explanation
    5. Setting Up the Mailing List
    6. Summary
  9. Search Engine
    1. Designing the Search Engine
    2. Problems with Full-Text Search
    3. Designing the Database
    4. Code and Code Explanation
    5. Summary
  10. Personal Calendar
    1. Designing the Application
    2. Designing the Database
    3. Code and Code Explanation
    4. Summary
  11. Ajax File Manager
    1. Design of the Ajax File Manager
    2. JavaScript and Ajax
    3. Code and Code Explanation
    4. Summary
  12. Online Photo Album
    1. Design of the Online Photo Album
    2. Code and Code Explanation
    3. QuickTime Thumbnails
    4. Thumbnail Caching
    5. Summary
  13. Shopping Cart
    1. Designing the Shopping Cart
    2. Designing the Database
    3. Code and Code Explanation
    4. Summary
  14. Web Site Statistics
    1. Determining What to Collect
    2. Designing the Database
    3. Obtaining Data
    4. Code and Code Explanation
    5. Summary
  15. News/Blog System
    1. Tables
    2. Adding Posts
    3. Generating the RSS
    4. Displaying Posts
    5. Adding Comments
    6. Summary
  16. Shell Scripts
    1. Designing the Script
    2. General Shell Scripting Advice
    3. Code and Code Explanation
    4. The Skeleton
    5. Summary
  17. Security and Logging
    1. Cross-Site Scripting
    2. Path Traversal
    3. Injection
    4. Weak Authentication
    5. Logging
    6. Preventing Accidental Deletes
    7. Summary
  18. Index