11.3. Code and Code Explanation

It's time to discuss the actual code for the project. First, I will cover creating a reusable CommandLine class to assist in obtaining user input. Then I will cover the startproject script, which uses it.

11.3.1. The CommandLine Class

The CommandLine class will contain static methods to ease getting outside information. This can be either in the form of command-line arguments or values provided in a configuration file. It will also help reading information in from the user interactively with a prompt. Table 11-1 shows the methods and properties CommandLine will expose.

Table 11-1. CommandLine Properties and Methods
CONFIG_TYPE_PLAINRepresents a basic configuration file format
CONFIG_TYPE_INIRepresents a ini-style configuration file format
parseOptions(args[, allowed])Parses command-line arguments and returns them as an array
parseConfigFile(file[, type])Parses a configuration file and returns the options as an array
prompt(label[, length[, callback]])Displays a prompt and reads keyboard input
promtDefault(label[, default[, length[, callback]]])Displays a prompt with suggested response and reads keyboard input Command-Line Arguments

When the PHP script is run from the command line, the $_SERVER['argc'] and $_SERVER['argv'] variables are populated with the number of arguments passed, and the arguments themselves respectively to the script an array of the arguments. Simple scripts may interpret these values directly, ...

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