PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development

Bruno Pedro

Vitor Rodrigues

June 20, 2007


With web development now being considered a commodity, projects are getting larger every day.

If you are dealing with large projects on a daily basis, you know that the most difficult task is to deliver products on time and within a budget.

However, many factors can influence those variables, including the programming language development methods you choose.

This Short Cut shows you what a good choice it is to use PHP and Smarty for large-scale web projects.

If you follow the principles and methodologies described here, you'll achieve greater productivity in your development tasks.

PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development

To achieve efficiency on your large-scale web projects, start by observing a set of principles. These principles are not meant to stop you from doing what you do best; the goal is for them to help you manage the way software is developed.

The following list describes the principles of large-scale web development:

Modular architecture

A system composed of several components that can be interchangeable and fit together.[1] On a modular architecture it's easier to divide the whole project into specific tasks.

Multidisciplinary teams

Teams where every member has a specific task assigned. Some teams can also be divided into specialized groups like ...

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