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Rob Aley, PHP CLI, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2238-6_1

1. Introduction

Rob Aley

(1)Oxford, UK

“Use PHP? We’re Not Building a Website, You Know!”

Both its current recursive moniker (PHP: PHP HyperText Preprocessor) and the name originally bestowed upon it by its creator Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP: Personal Home Page) reinforce the widely held view that PHP is a scripting language for the Web. And that was true back in 1995 when PHP was first created and for a number of years afterward. In the web arena, PHP excels. It’s easy to use, quick to develop in, widely deployed, and tightly integrated into web stacks (it’s usually the P in LAMP, WAMP, MAMP, and so on), and of course it is free and open source.

But many people don’t realize (or haven’t noticed ...

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