PHP Development Tool Essentials

Book description

Learn PHP development best practices, such as version control, development environment virtualization, and coding standards. You'll also discover the most useful PHP web frameworks, including the new Laravel, symfony2, and micro-frameworks. As you do so, you'll learn how to use them to write the most productive PHP code possible.

PHP Development Tool Essentials complements Jason Gilmore's best-selling Beginning PHP and MySQL. This book will further expose you to the many different methodologies, tools, and concepts that professional web developers are using more and more each day.

What You'll Learn

  • Use version control with PHP
  • Set up virtualized development environments
  • Maintain PHP coding standards
  • Manage dependencies
  • Leverage the best PHP frameworks

Who This Book Is For

Intermediate to advanced PHP developers looking to advance their skills with new tools, concepts, and approaches.

Product information

  • Title: PHP Development Tool Essentials
  • Author(s): Chad Russell
  • Release date: July 2016
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484206836