bool checkdnsrr(string host, [string type]) 
host Hostname or IP address to check
type Type of record for which to check

Checks for DNS resource records for the given host.


TRUE if a record can be found; FALSE on error


Performs a DNS lookup on the specified host (either a hostname or IP address) and returns TRUE if a record of the specified type is found. This function can look up the following record types:

Record Type Details
A Address: Defined in RFC 1035.
ALL Any of the valid types.
CNAME Canonical Name: Defined in RFC 1035.
MX Mail Exchanger: Defined in RFC 1035.
NS Name Server: Defined in RFC 1035.
PTR Pointer: Defined in RFC 1035.
SOA Start of Authority: Defined in RFC 1035.

If no record type is specified, ...

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