Although web development has changed over the years, the actual core details of creating a web page have stayed the same. You create a document and put it out on the web for people to view. Of course, to put something on the web you need to learn the special languages that are spoken on the web. No, we’re not talking about OMG, BRB, and all the other cryptic shorthand to communicate. We’re talking about the languages that are used to create web documents and sites.

This book looks at many aspects of web development, including the language used to make web pages and ways to make web pages look good, make web pages accept information from visitors, and create programs to create other web pages! If that seems like a lot of information, don’t worry. It’s all broken up into manageable pieces so that you can consume the information at your own pace.

About This Book

This book is intended as both a reference and, in certain places, a tutorial. Most of the information in the book doesn’t need to be read in a certain order. However, certain areas build on each other and, if you find that you’re stuck in one of the later chapters, you might find that reading an earlier chapter will reveal the information that you need.

Foolish Assumptions

To be successful with this book, you should have a computer with a recent version of Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux on it. You don’t need to know anything about programming or creating web pages but you should be comfortable with moving around ...

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