The Internet has become an amazing place to shop, do your banking, look up homework assignments, and even keep track of your bowling league scores. Behind all those great applications are a bunch of different web technologies that must all work together to create the web experience you come to expect.

You may think that creating web applications is best left for the professionals, but you’d be surprised by just how well you can do with just a little knowledge and experience! That’s the point of this book.

About This Book

Think of this book as a reference book. Like the dictionary or an encyclopedia (remember those?), you don’t have to read it from beginning to end. Instead, you can dip into the book to find the information you need and return to it again when you need more. That said, you won’t be disappointed if you work through the book from beginning to end, and you may find it easier to follow along with some of the examples.

In this book, I walk you through all the different technologies involved with creating dynamic web applications that can track data and present it in an orderly and pleasing manner. I cover several key topics that you’ll need to know to create a full-featured, dynamic web application:

  • Creating the basic layout of a web page: In this book, you see the program code behind placing content on a web page and reacting to your website visitors’ mouse clicks.
  • Styling the web page: Just placing data on a web page is boring. In this book, you learn ...

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