Chapter 1

Examining the Pieces of Web Programming


check Understanding how simple web pages work

check Incorporating programming into your web page

check Storing content in a database

At first, diving into web programming can be somewhat overwhelming. You need to know all kinds of things in order to build a web application that not only looks enticing but also works correctly. The trick to learning web programming is to pull the individual pieces apart and tackle them one at a time.

This chapter gets you started on your web design journey by examining the different pieces involved in creating a simple web page. Then it kicks things up a notch and walks you through dynamic web pages. And finally, the chapter ends by explaining how to store your content for use on the web.

Creating a Simple Web Page

Before you can run a marathon, you need to learn how to walk. Likewise, before you can create a fancy website, you need to know the basics of how web pages work.

Nowadays, sharing documents on the Internet is easy, but it wasn’t always that way. Back in the early days of the Internet, documents were often created using proprietary word-processing packages and had to be downloaded using ...

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