Chapter 2

Administering MySQL


check Working from the command line

check Using MySQL Workbench

check Administering the server from the web

check Creating user accounts

check Assigning database privileges to users

As you can tell from the previous chapter, the MySQL database server is a crucial component in your dynamic web applications. It’s important that you know how to interact with the MySQL database server to create the database objects and user accounts required for your application. This chapter examines the different methods you have available for interacting directly with the MySQL database server in your application environment.

MySQL Administration Tools

There are lots of different tools available for interacting with a MySQL server to help manage your database environment. Over the years, three particular tools have risen to the top to be the most popular:

  • The MySQL command-line utilities
  • The MySQL Workbench graphical tool
  • The phpMyAdmin web-based tool

All these methods allow you ...

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