Chapter 3

Designing and Building a Database


check Understanding how to design a database

check Creating a database in MySQL

check Building tables using different tools

In the preceding chapter, you learned your way around the MySQL server interface tools. The next step in the process of building a dynamic web application is to create a database and tables for the data required for your application.

In this chapter, I show you how to determine just what data is required for an application and how to divide it into tables to manage the data. Then I show you how to create databases using the popular MySQL server interface tools. Finally, I explain how to create the tables by using each of the tools, so that you can manage the data in your applications.

Managing Your Data

When you start out a new dynamic web application, your first decision, before you even start any coding, is how to handle the application data. Often you’re faced with a myriad of data elements you need to track, such as employee, customer, and product information for a store. The trick to successfully managing all that information is in how to sort it all out.

The process of structuring application data into tables ...

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