Chapter 3

Using AJAX


check Getting acquainted with AJAX

check Using JavaScript to communicate

check Working with jQuery and AJAX

check Using XML to transfer data

check Adding AJAX to AuctionHelper

The previous two chapters in this minibook walk through the AuctionHelper application, a dynamic web application used to support a silent auction. There is one requirement for that project that I haven’t covered yet — the ability to update web pages with real-time data. To do that requires a little more than just PHP or even just JavaScript. It requires using a new technology that combines both languages! This chapter discusses just what that technology is and how to produce dynamic content on a web page without having to reload the web page, a great feature to include in your web applications!

Getting to Know AJAX

One of the newest technologies to hit dynamic web programming is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (called AJAX). This name doesn’t refer to either the household cleaner or the figure in Greek ...

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