Chapter 4

Extending WordPress


check Examining WordPress

check Installing WordPress

check Creating a WordPress website

check Writing WordPress plugins

Social media. Two words that have changed the Internet and the world. It’s no longer sufficient for a company or organization to just have a standard website presence — it must be plugged into the social media world to interact with customers or donors. Commercial websites such as Facebook and Twitter are all the rage, but there are also many options to create your own social media website. One package that has clearly risen above the rest is the WordPress web application. WordPress provides a standard template for easily creating a blog to express your (or your organization’s) views on the Internet. This chapter explains just what WordPress is and how you can leverage the power behind WordPress to create your own custom social media website.

Getting Acquainted with WordPress

Social interaction with friends, family, customers, or potential customers has become a popular requirement for web applications these days. One such method of interaction ...

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