Chapter 1

The MVC Method


check Exploring the hype about MVC programming

check Comparing MVC to other programming methods

check Implementing MVC

check Using MVC in a client/server environment

In Book 6, I walk you through how to create a complete dynamic web application using object-oriented PHP programming techniques. But there’s more than one way to design and program an object-oriented PHP application. There are, in fact, many different theories on just how best to design and code your dynamic web applications with PHP, all with their own pros and cons. This chapter walks you through one of the more popular methods for designing object-oriented web applications and compares it to some other methods available.

Getting Acquainted with MVC

If you’ve been spending any time reading articles, books, or even discussion group posts about PHP programming, you’ve come across the term MVC. The acronym stands for model–view–controller, which is a method of splitting your object-oriented program code into multiple parts to make it easier to code and implement in an object-oriented environment.

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