Chapter 2

Selecting a Framework


check Getting acquainted with PHP frameworks

check Identifying the parts of a framework

check Exploring popular framework packages

check Taking a look at micro-frameworks

As you write larger web applications, you’ll find yourself having to write lots of the same code within your projects. Much of the code for performing standard web application functions, such as displaying data from a table and inserting new data into the table, is fairly customary and can be repetitive. Before you fall asleep writing your PHP programs, there’s a solution you should try. There are some tools available that help write the repetitive code for you, as well as provide some extra utilities for making the code you do need to write easier to handle. This chapter introduces the concept of using a programming framework tool to assist you in your web application development. If you create a lot of web applications, it’s well worth the effort to become familiar with these tools.

Getting to Know PHP Frameworks

A PHP framework is not a special server to use for your applications, nor ...

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