Appendix D. PHP Resources

This appendix lays out some basic resources that can help you learn more about the language. We have also tried to mention specific resources and products throughout the text.

The PHP Web Site

The URL for the PHP web site (engrave it on your forehead) is Here you'll find the latest official news, the freshest downloads, the PHP bugtracker, a growing list of PHP users' groups, and links to PHP-friendly ISPs.

Most important, you'll find the PHP manual in the Documentation section of the PHP web site. It's available in several versions for your universal reference pleasure, including the following:

  • Numerous translations — many European languages, Japanese, Korean, and so on

  • Several PDF, Windows Help, and HTML download versions (useful when you're traveling; HTML versions are included with the PHP download)

  • Two versions for Palm OS

  • A plain HTML online version

  • Links to the PHP-GTK (client-side PHP) and PEAR (PHP codebase) manuals

  • Information on beta releases that are not yet ready for production use

A comprehensive listing of all downloads is available at


The PEAR manual, which used to be a chapter of the general PHP manual, has now been moved to its own server. You can find it at

But when people talk about "the PHP manual," they mean the big annotated online version for which PHP is famous. Users from around the world have added notes and comments to each page. These additions are often clarifications ...

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