Occupational Health and Safety
“This book is the perfect primer for both the security professional novice and those
wishing for a basic refresher course on everything from best practices to basic available
technologies. The book begins with a general overview of what security encompasses from
an operational standpoint and expectations an organization might expect its department to
deliver. The book then moves into the basic building blocks of security: assessing risk and
creating a strategic mitigation plan ... The book charts an easy-to-follow course of processes
and procedures to make sure most operational bases are covered ... The fact that the authors
have laid out a logical roadmap for everything from the creation of concept through policy
writing and technology makes for a clear understanding of how the security process works.
By emphasizing the operations, policies, compliance, and collaborative aspects of security,
they have chosen to paint a complete picture of what a successful security department
needs to build on ...This book is a must read for security beginners and veterans alike. For
those just entering the industry, it provides an excellent foundation for a broad spectrum
of topics from theory, operations, risk assessment, and establishing your programs policy
roadmap to what basic security technology every security pro should possess. For those
who are veteran security practitioners, this book serves them well as a reference tool. The
range of topics and the expertise of the writers make this a book most security professionals
should add to their collections. I know I will.
Steve Lasky, Cygnus Security Media Group, USA
How-To Guide Written by Practicing Professionals
Physical Security and Safety: A Field Guide for the Practitioner introduces the basic
principles of safety in the workplace, and effectively addresses the needs of the responsible
security practitioner. This book provides essential knowledge on the procedures and
processes needed for loss reduction, protection of organizational assets, and security and
safety management.
Presents Vital Information on Recognizing and Understanding Security Needs
The book is divided into two parts. Therst half of the text, Security and Safety Planning,
explores the theory and concepts of security and covers threat decomposition, identifying
security threats and vulnerabilities, protection, and risk assessment. The second half,
Infrastructure Protection, examines the overall physical protection program and covers
access and perimeter control, alarm systems, response force models, and practical
considerations for protecting information technology (IT).
Physical Security and Safety: A Field Guide for the Practitioner offers relevant
discourse on physical security in the workplace, and serves as a resource guide for security,
risk management, and safety professionals.
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A Field Guide for the Practitioner
Edited by
Truett A. Ricks • Bobby E. Ricks • Jeff Dingle
Ricks • Ricks • Dingle
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A Field Guide for the Practitioner
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Truett A. Ricks, Bobby E. Ricks, and Jeffrey Dingle
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Series Editor
Thomas D. Schneid
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky
A Field Guide for the Practitioner
Edited by
Truett A. Ricks • Bobby E. Ricks • Jeff Dingle

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