Physics of continuous Media
Physics of continuous Media
ProblEmS aNd SoluTIoNS IN ElEcTromagNETISm,
FluId mEchaNIcS aNd mhd
ISBN: 978-1-4665-1763-9
9 781466 517639
“This book presents an excellent and exemplary collection of up-to-
date exercises and their solutions on continuous media, covering a wide
range of topics from electro-, magnetohydro- and uid dynamics, and
from the theory of elasticity. … written in a true scholarly manner that
allows the reader to understand the basic principles and physical laws
of continuous media. This problem-solving book is highly recommended
to graduate and postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers or
scientists who want to refresh their knowledge or teach the subject at
university level.
—Robert Erdelyi, University of Shefeld
“Professor Vekstein’s book is a wonderful resource for both condensed-
matter physics courses and self-study. … I recommend this book to
every student of continuous matter, as well to any scientist wishing to
familiarize themselves with this important branch of physics. …
Dmitry Budker, University of California, Berkeley
“Vekstein is a brilliant scientist with a strong international reputation. His
book is highly recommended and lls a unique niche. … Vekstein has
compiled an intriguing set of problems … that reveal common themes
often missing from the standard texts. He also masterfully guides the
reader through the complexities of their solutions.
—Eric Priest, University of St Andrews
“This book written by Grigory Vekstein provides readers with a unique
opportunity of studying the fundamentals of classical physics ‘hands on,
by doing some important and original exercises following the detailed,
extended comments. Thanks to the pedagogical talent and experience
of the author, readers have an opportunity to grasp all basic elements of
mechanics of uids and solids as well as electrodynamics in one nicely
composed and relatively compact book.
Vladimir Tikhonchuk, University of Bordeaux
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