Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

Book description

How to effectively use Pinterest to market your business, product, or service

Pinterest, the rapidly growing social networking site that allows users to post and share images and videos on "pinboards" (a collection of "pins," usually with a common theme), is providing businesses and savvy entrepreneurs with a new platform to market their products and services. And, as with any new platform, learning what works best and what doesn't when it comes to marketing can be a challenge. Pinfluence is a complete guide to Pinterest marketing that will teach you how to effectively raise awareness for your brand, product, or service, drive traffic from Pinterest to your website, and connect with current and potential customers.

You will learn:

  • How to create a powerful Pinterest profile, your Pinterest brand strategy, set up boards, pin and repin images, and get into conversations in the Pinterest user interface.

  • Pinterest marketing techniques, including great content creation, how to optimize websites and blogs for pinning, and how to start growing your followers.

  • How to integrate Pinterest with other social media tools (including Facebook, Twitter, and blogs) and how to track trends and monitor conversation on Pinterest.

  • Advanced Pinterest marketing techniques, including how to grow your audience, how to use the Pinterest iPhone app, advice for special types of businesses (B2B companies and nonprofits), and how to make your pins and boards "sticky" so they capture public attention and influence people to change their behavior.

  • Pinterest copyright issues

Pinfluence is for anyone who wants to join the likes of companies like Whole Foods, Gilt, West Elm and others, and harness the marketing power of Pinterest to grow their business.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction
  7. Part One: Getting Started
    1. Chapter 1: Why Pinterest?
      1. The Appeal of Pinterest
      2. The Pinterest Audience
      3. Why Pinterest?
    2. Chapter 2: Where Do You Start?
      1. Linking to Facebook or Twitter: Which Should You Do?
      2. Creating a Powerful Profile
      3. Your Action Plan
    3. Chapter 3: Before You Pin
      1. Defining Your Ideal Client
      2. What Does Your Ideal Client Want?
      3. Pinterest: One Piece of Your Overall Marketing Strategy
      4. Let Your Personality Shine
      5. Becoming a Source of Valuable Information
      6. Your Action Plan
    4. Chapter 4: The Basics of Pinning
      1. Boards
      2. How to Pin
      3. Your Action Plan
    5. Chapter 5: Connecting with Pinterest Users
      1. Commenting
      2. Tagging
      3. Liking
      4. Hashtags
      5. Connecting with Your Ideal Client
      6. Your Action Plan
  8. Part Two: Pinning for Profits
    1. Chapter 6: The Power of Pictures
      1. What to Think about When Publishing Pinterest Content
      2. Your Action Plan
    2. Chapter 7: Getting Shared
      1. Adding Images to Your Website Content
      2. Advertise Your Presence on Pinterest
      3. Special Advice for WordPress Bloggers
      4. Your Action Plan
    3. Chapter 8: The Care and Feeding of Pinterest Followers
      1. Getting More Pinterest Followers
      2. Curation
      3. Your Action Plan
    4. Chapter 9: Twitter, Facebook, and Your Blog
      1. Social Media Strategy
      2. General Tips for Sharing Pins
      3. Four Ways to Use Pinterest with Your Facebook Account
      4. Using Pinterest with Your Blog
      5. Using Pinterest with Your Video Marketing Campaigns and YouTube Channel
      6. Using Pinterest with Twitter
      7. Your Action Plan
    5. Chapter 10: Learning by Watching
      1. Tracking Trends
      2. Getting Direct Feedback
      3. Your Action Plan
  9. Part Three: Developing Pinfluence
    1. Chapter 11: Expanding Your Reach
      1. Use Pinterest to Build Community
      2. Use Pinterest as Part of Your Sales Cycle
      3. Use Pinterest to Help You Work with Current Clients
      4. Use Pinterest to Build on Your Content Strategy
      5. Your Action Plan
    2. Chapter 12: Mobile Pinning
      1. Ten Quick and Easy Ways to Build Your Business Using the Pinterest App
      2. Your Action Plan
    3. Chapter 13: Pinterest for Nonprofits, Business-to-Business Companies, and Blog-Based Businesses
      1. B2B Companies
      2. Nonprofits
      3. Your Action Plan
    4. Chapter 14: The Ethics of Pinterest
      1. Advice for Artists, Photographers, and Other Visual Content Providers
      2. Protecting Your Copyright
      3. Advice for Business Owners, Nonprofits, and Bloggers Using Pinterest for Marketing
      4. What Now?
      5. Your Action Plan
  10. Conclusion
  11. About the Author
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest
  • Author(s): Beth Hayden
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118393772