This book would never have happened without the unflagging support of my friends, family, and colleagues.

Special thanks to:

Andrea Meyer, for painstakingly reading every chapter of this book and offering not only fabulous proofreading but thoughtful commentary and encouragement.
Mindy Brooks, for her cheerful and enthusiastic early support of this project, and my High Council of Jedi Knights, for their early advice and words of wisdom.
Corinne McKay and Bethany Siegler, for keeping me company on long workdays, and helping me think through how to present my ideas in helpful ways. You guys keep me on track.
Kristina Holmes, the world’s greatest agent, for jumping headfirst into a project moving a hundred miles an hour, and for speaking slowly and using small words to explain even the toughest publishing concepts to me.
The great folks at John Wiley & Sons, for seeing a great idea for a book and helping me bring it to life on the page.
To all the gals of Boulder Media Women, for helping me give my business wings and cheering me on while I wrote this book.
Lori Wostl, for consistently telling me to “Go For It,” and then figuring out how to help me do anything I want to do.
Toby Rogers, for helping me figure out the toughest chapters with your calm voice of reason and your crazy-smart brain.
For Michelle, my friend and greatest strategic partner, for recognizing that I could do great things long before I did—and for seeing the light, even when things get really ...

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