So, what happens next?

This book was designed to get you thinking about the myriad of ways you can use Pinterest to market your business. I hope that now that you’ve finished reading, you can get started with some of the action items listed at the ends of the chapters.

And the Pinterest marketing excitement doesn’t end here—I’d love to connect further! The conversation continues at my website (, on Twitter (@bethjhayden), and, of course, on Pinterest (@bethhayden).

I’d love to hear how the ideas in this book have inspired or helped you. Tell me how Pinterest has expanded your business and helped you connect with your customers, and you might be featured on my blog or on my Pinterest boards as a Pinfluence success story!

And as a parting gift, don’t forget to pick up your supplemental Pinterest materials at Just click on the Pinterest logo to download your free reports, ideas, and checklists.

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