“About” field, in profile creation


Account creation

invitation needed
options available

Action plans:

B2B companies
building loyalty in followers
connecting with followers
content marketing
copyright issues
expanding reach
marketing strategy
mobile pinning
pins and pinning
profile creation
social media
website optimization for Pinterest

“Activity” icon

Add-a-pin method, of pinning

Advertising, to attract employees

Aguilar, Constance

Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Animal shelters and animal rights organizations, example uses of Pinterest

Artists, copyright advice for

Aspirational content


of pin’s description
of source of pin

B2B (business-to-business) companies. See also Businesses

action plan
challenges of
links to examples
PediaStaff example
tips for

“Badass Machines” board

Badges (photo)

placing of

Barrington (Il.) Area Library



Blogs and blog posts:

adding content to refresh
adding images to
copyright issues and
embedding and
integrating boards with
mindmaps and
photo badges and
pinning to
using Pinterest with
visual footer for

Boards. See also Pins and pinning

editing cover image
Facebook “liking” of other people’s
for fans to express support
naming of

Books. See Ebooks

Bookmarklet method, of pinning

copyright issues
Facebook and
iPhone apps and
Twitter and


demonstrating practical uses of
tracking impressions of

Businesses. See also B2B (business-to-business) ...

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